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Internal social software for business

In the workplace, leveraging information in new ways improves decision making, customer service, and how people get work done. Business managers, team leaders, and customer facing employees will be amazed with the power and flexibility of social networking software.

So, what are your thoughts about using internal blogs or social networking software within a company to capture and tag both, explicit and tacit knowledge? What about wikis, forums, groups, micro-content, folksonomy (tagging), chat, knowledge management 2.0, etc.? Would you prefer to work for a company using these tools for communications, making connections, collaboration? How do you think they would affect the bottom line; your daily work routine; employee morale?

You know, business runs, by default, on e-mail. It's always there, and it just works, so we end up using it for everything - as a telephone, as a filing cabinet and as a conference room. But the trouble with e-mail is that it happily gobbles up our ideas, crucial documents and business acumen and doesn't give them back.

At the end of the day, you need to solve a workplace problem. So, stop reading about social applications and collaboration tools. Unleash your imagination and start experimenting with them. The real value and power of social software can only be appreciated with hands-on experience. Consider this, a short-term, pilot project to discover and evaluate solutions based on results. We're easy to work with and provide application audit trails as well as productivity metrics.

Productivity gains that impact business - Forward thinkers and project teams will quickly gain experience (days) with online communities, social networking applications, and new information flows as they apply to how people learn, collaborate and innovate. The results are a rich learning environment (ever lasting) that supports better decision making and work flow. Priceless!

Leveraging resources to create custom solutions. We take a hybrid approach between open source, closed source, functionality, risk and support to deliver simple or advanced, custom solutions. Ones that are stable with superior performance and maximum uptime.

A small investment with big returns and short cycles. We listen to your problems and offer solutions. From practical ones to crazy ones, we'll help you unlock and apply the benefits of social software and Web 2.0 ideas. Call us now at 973.433.4007.

Leveraging information in new ways...

You might start thinking differently [use a central data base - internal social networking app] about feeding e-mail your precious thoughts. Hey, there's gold in them there folders that could provide precious answers to a lot of other employees.

Combining Social Technologies with new ways of doing business...

We primarily work with business development managers and creative leaders.They are starting to believe that these new social productivity tools combined with Social Information Management ideas are reshaping the way companies need to operate in order to succeed in a nonlinear, borderless world. Trends like this one are changing customer expectations, buying behaviors and the pace at which companies must make decisions and even shift directions.

Give us a call, 973.433.4007, to learn how internal social networking applications and community software solutions can help your business become more productive, connected, and engaging.