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The Power of Stories in Business.

From an excerpt in Seth Godin's new book, All
Marketers Are Liars.
"This is a book about doing what
consumers demand, painting vivid pictures that they choose to believe. Every
organization …must understand that the rules have changed again."

Taking this a step further…Use the power of stories to improve overall
business performance. Organizations should find and use stories from employees,
partners, customers/clients, investors, et al, that connect with the everyday
realities of the business, and use them to get fast, meaningful results. Stories
can be more powerful than the precision of your strategy..

"What matters is the story that people tell themselves...People desperately
want to believe stories."

People are curious; they get excited about ideas and want to contribute! Businesses
need to capture, find, and use their own
people’s stories to help everyone move forward and improve on what they
are trying to get done.

This idea of story-telling for businesses excites me. I look forward to more businesses getting the whole story.