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NYC Geek Meet

I've been in hibernation for a decade (out of IT) and that was the first geek meet-up i've been to in so much time... The only expectations I had were to meet the cool folks that showed up. I got there early, so I hung out and people watched. Hey, there is nothing more amusing to me than imagining what other people's lives are as they run for their trains, grab a snack, leisurely walk about, look at the floor, read, use your imagination. I am so lame, the only face that I knew was Steve Rubles (micropersuasion).

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I gotta get me one of them there Subarus!

Okay, this isn't necessarily about innovation, although it could be.  I just have to blog this story.  My friend, who lives out in Colorado, just told me a story that gives me faith in a product/company.  Her husband was taking the kids skiing, and on the way his car "died".  He had to get towed and it was a big hassle, dealing with 2 small kids who really wanted to go skiing and all, of course.  Mechanic calls and apparently he needs to replace the engine, preliminary estimates are between $4-$6k.  But WAIT!  it just so happens the "Subaru guy" happened to be at the shop that day and heard

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Maximize shared understanding.

Wouldn't that be something? If businesses sought ideas from multiple sources
– especially unconventional ones (like BLOGS!) that offer diversity and
independence - and blended and synthesized them with their own internal ideas.
Just think if they captured the company’s informal social network –
the daily problems, challenges, and opportunities that their employees, partners,
customers/clients, investors, et al face. Imagine if businesses let staffers
and outsiders blog on company and product news from their site. I mean, actually
listened, before a crisis, to the immediate feedback and responded. From real
people they could co-create innovative solutions to complex problems.

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Idea Management Across the Organization Made Easy!

Every business development manager or chief innovation office needs to be asking this question: How do you coordinate activities and cultivate people to get more and better ideas to improve your business? While every organization should design its Idea Management processes according to its own needs, certain characteristics are common to all idea management systems. Open source CMS Idea Management System.

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Your own meeting place!

Create a  gigantic learning and development environment  on the net to grow and share your understanding of ideas with people inside and outside the organization.

On the flip-side, this scenario should be familiar to office workers who collaborate on projects: E-mails get passed around with differing versions of documents-in-progress attached. Instant messages whiz by. Web sites are cited, and then lost.

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Site summary

Welcome to Advancing Insights!

We are the first to provide an Internet Managed Service - Ideascape - that makes Open Source Innovation and Collaboration easy! Good ideas and stories are everywhere, both inside and outside your business; ideas that can save time, money, even grow the business and personalized stories about your offerings, organization, and its constituencies that can be more powerful than the precision of your strategy.

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Actionable information sources

In order to stay on top in today's mutable market place, the competitive business must be aware of and be prepared to take advantage of the best internal and external information available.

Ideally, there should be a coordinated group effort in your organization that searches, sifts, filters, and handles information sources using internally developed criteria with the objective of making sense (connecting the dots) of good ideas that will improve the organization's agenda.

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